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Important information about visas and passports to Israel

תאריך: 09/01/2013 13:52   מחבר: 1

As is standard in all international travel, all visitors to Israel must have a valid passport, valid for at least six months after they enter the country.

Visitors coming to Israel for tourism or business are allowed to remain in the country for up to three months from their date of arrival.

Those who intend to work or study in the country must apply for a special visa through the Ministry of Interior.

For those visiting Israel, tourist visas or visitors' visas are issued free of charge at all points of entry into the country for citizens of the countries listed below.

These do not require visitors to apply before traveling to Israel and are simply issued free of charge upon entry to the country.

Nationals who are not included in this list of countries can submit a visa application form, along with copies of their travel documents, to the nearest Israeli Visas and passports to Israelmission before leaving for Israel.

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A temporary transit visa is also available for those looking to just stop over in Israel on their way to other destinations.

These are a five day transit visas that can be extended for an extra ten days upon arrival in the country.

Likewise, those who arrive in Israel on a cruise ship are issued landing cards that permit them to stay in Israel so long as their ship is in port. No applications are necessary for such visas.

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For visitors planning on traveling to Arab countries after they visit Israel, it is generally recommended that you request that the Israeli stamp not appear in your passport.

You can have the clerk stamp a separate document so long as you make this request before your passport is stamped.

An entry stamp is no longer legally required on foreign passports, but a special form the 17L, should be filled out and then stamped by passport control upon entring or exiting the country.

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