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Israeli Culture

תאריך: 09/01/2013 13:58   מחבר: 1

Israel is a country rich in culture, and so it is home to an abundance of museums with a variety of focuses, such as the visual arts, archaeology, history, literature, architecture, and more.  

Israeli culture also includes many cultural events going on at any given time in the year. Cultural events sometimes tend to coincide with holidays, but here are some Israeli cultureother festivals that take place on a regular annual basis:

The Tel Aviv White Night (or Layla Lavan) takes place every June, when the weather is warm and commemorates the city’s selection as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The name of the evening is a play on words, since “white night” means a sleepless night in Hebrew and Tel Aviv is a World Heritage site due to it’s “White City” (or Bauhaus architecture). It's one of the prominent representatives of Israel cultural events.

On the White Night, cultural events take place late into the night throughout the city such as live musical performances, theater, film and dance, and restaurants often serve special meals.

The Red Sea Jazz Festival is a four-day festival held annually during the last week of August in Eilat's Red Sea.

It strives to present a broad spectrum of jazz styles and brings in musicians from around the world. One of the goals of the festival is to promote jazz education in Israeli culture.

The Rishon Lezion Wine Festival, also held annually, takes place in Rishon Lezion – the fourth largest city in Israel. Founded in 1882, wine production was always an important part of the city’s history and the historic Carmel Winery is restored and open to visitors in the city center. 

The festival usually coincides with the Succot holiday, and so it takes place around late September or October. In addition to tasting fine wines, festival viewers can expect to be entertained by dancers and musicians.

The Haifa International Film Festival, which has been taking place annually in Haifa, during the Succot holiday for over 25 years, boasts the largest film festival in Israel. Spanning over eight days, the festival often screens over 100 different films and is the most eminent representative of Israeli culture.