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Entertainment in Haifa

תאריך: 25/11/2012 11:18   מחבר: 1

Haifa is one of Israel’s most picturesque cities. The city’s winding roads, spectacular scenery and world famous gardens along with its excellent entertainment, culture and nightlife offer visitors an unforgettable vacation.

The restored German Colony is especially worthy of a visit for its fascinating museums and top quality restaurants.

Baha’i Gardens

A must see attraction for all is The Baha’i Gardens - a set of eighteen truly inspirational terraces which take up an entire length of greenery on Mount Carmel. The Entertainment in Haifaupper gardens were completed in 2001 and feature stone balustrades, fountains, steep and impeccably well kept walls of grass, and sculptures.

Over one hundred gardeners work full time to maintain the gardens in their pristine state.

Louis Boardwalk

The Louis boardwalk has been recently etched into the slopes of Mount Carmel and is a popular entertainment to walkers, joggers and cyclists, who come to enjoy the exceptional views over the Gulf of Haifa.

From here you can watch the boats come and go into the Port – and occasionally dolphins can be spotted in the bay.

The promenade is also conveniently close to the museums, shops and hotels in lower Haifa.


The Cinematheque is located in a new building close to the Lev Ha’mifratz shopping center. Each year it attracts over a quarter of a million film buffs who arrive to watch daily screenings of avant-garde, restored, classic and foreign films as well as new movies - the movie theaters show on average around forty films per month.

The Cinematheque also plays host to Haifa’s International Film Festival, funded in 1983, it was the first of its kind in Israel.

Haifa Cable Car

Haifa’s Cable Car connects the seashore at Bat Galim Promenade with the Stella Maris lookout, located on Mount Carmel ridge. The five minute ride is a wonderful entertainment and offers a great opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the mountain slopes and Haifa Bay.

Stella Maris Carmelite Church is a notable attraction on the ridge and visitors can either head back down by cable car or descend the steps to Elijah’s Cave taking in spectacular views on the way.