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Sightseeing in Jerusalem

תאריך: 31/07/2012 11:32   מחבר: 1

There is more to sightseeing in Jerusalem than the holy sites. Many attractions, neighborhoods and museums can also be of interest for those who want to take a break from the Old City.Sightseeing in Jerusalem

The Time Elevator is a child-friendly attraction that simulates a ride through Jerusalem’s long and eventful history. 

Riders on the Time Elevator are seated in moving seats and learn about history dating back to the time of King David and all the way up until the Six Day War in 1967.

It is not recommended that children under the age of six ride the Time Elevator.

The 25 minute movie experience ends with an aerial view of modern day Jerusalem

The Yad Vashem Museum - which literally means “hand and a name” - is Israel’s main Holocaust museum and the world center for research, education, documentation, and commemoration of the Holocaust. 

A museum as well as a research center, Yad Vashem attempts to gather as much information as possible about every victim of the Holocaust. 

It is not uncommon for visitors to bring names of relatives to the museum in order to contribute or receive more information.

Pedestrians can enjoy walking in Nachalat Shiv’a, one of the first neighborhoods built outside the walls of the Old City in the 1860s.

It is named after the seven young families that first settled the area. In recent years the buildings have been restored and the area has been converted into a pedestrian promenade with shops and sidewalk cafes.

Emek Refaim - which means “Valley of the Ghosts” in Hebrew - in the German Colony neighborhood is another good spot to walk around. Initially settled in the 19th century by German Templers, Emek Refaim and the entire Germany Colony neighborhood boasts beautiful and interesting buildings. 

The architectural styles of the German Templers, Ottomans, and British can all be seen there. Like Nachalat Shiv’a, there is an abundance of restaurants and cafes in this area.