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Introducing Jerusalem

תאריך: 09/01/2013 13:56   מחבר: 1

More than its status as Israel’s capital, Jerusalem is a unique city. It is a holy city for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and houses many sites of great religious significance.

Historically it is also a fascinating city, since it has witnessed the rise and fall of various empires and is home to many archaeological ruins.Jerusalem - a guide to the holy city

Jerusalem’s history dates back to the fourth millennium BC, and is therefore one of the oldest cities in the world.

Jerusalem is situated on the Judean mountains, on the northern edge of the Dead Sea. 

Since it is in the desert and atop a mountain, the weather in Jerusalem tends to be a little cooler. 

It is also not as humid as other Israeli cities that are directly on the Mediterranean coast, such as Tel Aviv.


A variety of accommodations can be found in Jerusalem, from youth hostels in the Old City to modest guesthouses to deluxe boutique hotels such as the American Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem. 

Situated in a renovated 120-year-old Turkish building, the American Colony Hotel is where many VIPs stay when they visit Jerusalem. 

The YMCA Hotel, located across from the King David Hotel - one of the most expensive hotels in the city - offers more basic rooms but is in an excellent location.  

The main international hotel chains, such as the Ramada and the Crowne Plaza, also have hotels scattered throughout Jerusalem. The seat of the Israeli government

As the seat of the Israeli government, Jerusalem houses many governmental buildings. The Israeli Knesset, or legislative branch of the government, is located in Givat Ram and is an impressive building to visit. 

Many artists collaborated on the interior design of the building, including sculptor Dani Karavan and painters Reuven Rubin and Marc Chagall.

The Israeli Supreme Court is also located in Jerusalem and is an impressive architectural work. 

Intended to integrate modern design with the local architectural tradition, the building is a balance of open and enclosed spaces.