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Hotels For Every Budget And Taste

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There are a variety of hotels in Israel suitable for every price range. Blessed with an expansive coastline, many of the country's best are located right on the beach, such as in the cities of Ashkelon, Caesarea, Herzliya, Netanya, Haifa, Eilat, and Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Other major hotels located in central tourist hub cities and near attractions, in Jerusalem, Eilat, and the Dead Sea.

In the north of Israel, hotels are located in the Israel HotelsGalilee region, in Tiberius, and in the Golan Heights.

In southern Israel, the resort town of Eilat has a range of hotels, including all inclusive resort style lodging as well as more budget options.

International Hotel Chains

In addition to privately owned boutique hotels and small pensions, Israel also is home to larger international  chains that travelers will likely be familiar with, including the Hilton, Sheraton, Le Meridian and Holiday Inn.

Dan is the largest luxury chain in Israel, with thirteen different hotels and facilities located throughout the country at Tel Aviv, Haifa, Herzliya, Caesarea and Eilat.

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Two of Israel's most well-known and acclaimed hotels, the King David in Jerusalem and Dan in Tel Aviv, are part of the Dan Hotel Chain.

A landmark in Jerusalem, the King David, was originally built in 1930 during the British Mandate. Today it is a charming, modernized facility with views of the Old City, serving as the destination of choice for all of Israel's VIP visitors, from Henry Kissinger to Madonna.

Located on the border of east and west Jerusalem, The American Colony is also another landmark site in Jerusalem. This elegantly designed hotel, which incorporates Middle Eastern décor and antiques, was a 10th century villa for a pasha.

Today it serves as meeting point for journalists, writers, and VIPs. Both the American Colony and King David have been dubbed part of The leading Hotels in the World listing.

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