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Eilat desert

תאריך: 09/01/2013 13:57   מחבר: 1

The consistent and sometimes oppressive heat in Eilat combined with the pervasive amounts of sand makes it hard to forget that this is a desert city.

Eilat offers a unique desert experience since it is on the southern border of the Negev Desert and the northern tip of the Sinai Peninsula.

There are many desert themed adventures available in the area surrounding Eilat, such as private or organized hiking treks, jeep tours, and camel treks.

Popular sites around Eilat are the Eilat Mountain Nature Reserve, Timna Valley Park, Red Canyon, King Solomon’s Pillars, Ein Netafim, and the Pillars of Amram.Eilat Desert

Variety of activities

Tour operator companies often have a range of tours available, which alternate depending on the time of year and your desired trip length.

Jeep tours can often be arranged so that you see the sunset in the Eilat desert, or even spend the night in a Bedouin tent.

Traditional foods served by the Bedouins are fresh pita, labane cheese, and sweet sage tea. 

Observing the night sky from a remote location in the Eilat desert is a unique experience because the stars are dazzling when unobstructed by the city’s electric lights.

Tour guides are often able to point out various constellations within what literally looks like a carpet of stars.
Camel tours can also be found in the Eilat area, which are a unique experience. Unlike horses which can only comfortably seat one adult rider at a time, many camels can seat two adults comfortably and so a camel trek can be a shared experience.

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