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Eilat Nightlife

תאריך: 25/11/2012 11:24   מחבר: 1

Israel most popular resort city prides itself on having providing good time and relaxing holiday, but Eilat also has an active nightlife scene. Walking along the Eilat Promenade and enjoying the beach by moonlight is always a great way to spend the evening there, but if you’re looking for a little more of a party there are many bars and clubs in the city.

Eilat Bars

Many bars can be found right on the North Beach Waterfront Promenade. One of the most popular and well established pubs on the Promenade is The Three Eilat NightlifeMonkeys where you can find food, drinks, and live music every night.

The Three Monkeys is a relatively large venue and has two floors for dancing.

Another popular bar on the Promenade is The Underground Pub, where you can find pool tables. It is a little more cozy than The Three Monkeys.

Beach Bars

Bars can also be found right on the beach, if you enjoy feeling the sand between your toes and a cool breeze while sipping on your - preferably tropical and juicy -  drink. 

These bars generally have a more laid back atmosphere and are not as intense as some of the other pubs and clubs.

One of these beach bars is Dolphin Reef Bar, where they have dancing on the beach some nights of the week and a kaballat Shabbat on Friday evenings. Other beachfront bars are Village Beach and Papaya Beach.

Something a little different is the Red Sea Underwater Restaurant, Bar and Observatory, actually located under water next to the Le Meridien Hotel (near North Beach). It is not open late, but for an early drink the bar gives you an incredible view of the surrounding coral and marine life.

Dance and casino cruises can also be found on Eilat’s shores during the busy seasons. These can be found by contacting a local tourist desk or via the Red Sea Sports Club.