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Jerusalem's Temples

תאריך: 13/08/2012 10:56   מחבר: 1

Beyond the Western Wall located in the Old City, which is a highly sacred site for Jews and believed to be a remnant of the Second Temple, there are many other Jerusalem TemplesJewish temples in Jerusalem.

Though there are many more, here is a list of some of the more significant synagogues in the capital of Israel:

Four Sephardic Synagogues: Located in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, this complex of four connected synagogues is composed of the Yochanan ben Zakai synagogue, the Istanbuli synagogue, the Eliahu Ha’navi synagogue and the Emtsai synagogue. 

The synagogues were all built during different periods and by different Sephardic communities. The oldest of these is the Yochanan ben Zakai synagogue, which was built during the early 17th century.

Hurva Synagogue: The name of this synagogue comes from the Hebrew word for ruin (“hurva”), since the historic temple was in ruins for a long period of time. 

Located in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, the synagogue was built in the early 18th century only to be destroyed approximately 20 years later. It was rebuilt in the mid-1800s, and destroyed again in 1948. It has been rebuilt in recent years according to its 19th century style.

Ramban Synagogue:  This synagogue, located in the Old City, was founded by the Ramban (Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman) in 1267. It is the oldest active synagogue in the Old City.

Beit El Synagogue: Also known as the Midrash Hasidim and the Yeshivat ha Mekubalim, this synagogue has been a Jerusalem center for Kabbala studies for over 250 years.

Shomrei ha-Chomos Synagogue:  Also known as the Ungarin Shul (or “Hungarian Synagogue”), this late 19th century synagogue is located in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City.  The name of the synagogue literally means “Guardians of the Walls,” since the temple was situated around 100 meters from the Temple Mount.