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Tel Aviv Nightlife

תאריך: 09/01/2013 14:00   מחבר: 1

As an energetic city that attracts a younger population, Tel Aviv nightlife is active. New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Tel Aviv is nicknamed the city that never stops and bars and clubs are often open until the wee hours of the morning.  

Since the work week in Israel generally runs between Sunday and Thursday, Thursday and Friday nights are big nights for going out. Saturday, as some tourists may be surprised to discover, is not as hopping in terms of nightlife. Bars and clubs are active all week long, though.

BarsTel Aviv Nightlife

Bars, both large and small, can be found all over the city. Some areas of the city that are especially crowded with bars are Lilienblum Street, Florentin, and the intersection of Nachalat Binyamin Street and Rothschild Boulevard. 

Some smaller, popular local bars can be found on Ahad Ha’am Street, including Armadillo and Gilda.

Armadillo is a popular local bar and a good place to get a sense of the Tel Aviv nightlife and the local, young population.


Dance clubs can also be found in abundance, with many clubs featuring a different music genre every night of the week. These clubs are generally located on Lilienblum Street and in the Tel Aviv Port.  

During the summer months, when the weather is warmer, Tel Aviv nightlife goes outside. A large beachfront dance club opens in what is called the Dolphinarium area.

Mellow bars with seats right on the seashore are also opened during the summer months, mainly on the Frishman, Jerusalem and Banana beach areas.

The Tel Aviv nightlife scene caters to a variety of populations, with the Tel Aviv Port frequented by a younger crowd and young suburbanites. Lilienblum Street caters mainly to the 25 years old and up crowd, with many bars not allowing those younger than 25 to enter. 

People choosing to party in Florentin are usually in the early to mid twenties. The beachfront bars are frequented mostly by tourists, although a variety of local residents will drink an occasional beer at one of those establishments.