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Introducing Eilat

תאריך: 25/11/2012 11:30   מחבר: 1

Eilat is Israel’s top seaside resort, popular for its year round sun weather, luxury resort hotels, pristine beaches and endless opportunities for water sports.

The Red Sea resort even boasts its very own Coral Reef making it a prime destination for divers – in fact an estimated 250,000 dives are performed every year along the Eilatcoastline’s clear warm waters.

Getting to Eilat from other major cities in Israel is easy – either by bus – Egged buses from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are available, or via a domestic flight from Tel Aviv.

Once here, getting around is no problem either, with the town center just a short stroll from the seafront; however there are plenty of taxis or buses to take you the short distance if you prefer
not to walk.


Eilat has great shopping facilities in the center with well known international brands mingling with local designer stores – and all items are VAT free, so you can enjoy a guilt free shopping spree.

Fun under the Sea

There’s no shortage of things to do in Eilat; The Underwater Observatory Marine Park features sharks, turtles and stingrays – as well as a dark room where you can see phosphorescent fish.

The Coral Beach Nature Reserve is another top marine attraction for snorkelers who can follow the underwater marine trials to see some of the 650 species of fish which live here. Swimming with Dolphins at Dolphin Reef is another highlight.

Eating Out

Eating out is a pleasure with many reasonably priced restaurants catering for all tastes from local cuisine to a whole range of international options. Fresh fish and seafood are always available as well as dishes which cater for the requirements of a strict kosher diet.

The seafront promenade is lined with high quality restaurants, popular with locals and tourists alike. For a quick bite to eat at Mall Hayam, Eilat’s largest shopping mall, which has a food court featuring a good selection of local foods including falafel – and its outdoor seating area affords great views of the beach.


Eilat boasts a huge range of accommodation from comfortable, budget guesthouses and hostels, to all-in-one luxurious beachside resort hotels. There are even places where you can set up a tent.

This allows for all types of holidaymaker to be catered for – if traveling with the children the kids clubs at the big hotels and onsite amenities are perfect, and there’s also the option to rent an apartment on the sea for a flexible, relaxing stay.