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Attractions in Eilat

תאריך: 25/11/2012 11:25   מחבר: 1

Eilat is the most popular resort town in Israel; besides the water sports and the desert hikes, there are many other attractions here.

For those who are not comfortable actually swimming with the dolphins, or those traveling with young children, the famous Underwater Observatory Marine Park is a good option. Its large size makes it a unique and rare facility worldwide. 

The six-meter deep spiral staircase of the great, round underwater observatory leads tourists underwater where they can comfortably observe colorful fish and Eilat Attractionscoral reefs from a dry distance. Handicapped access is also available.

Examples of marine life visible at the park are stingrays, sharks, sea turtles, sea horses and tropical fish.

Also available at the Underwater Observatory is the Yellow Submarine, a large public submarine that takes visitors on a true underwater tour of the Red Sea waters.The submarine travels approximately 45 meters deep.

Another popular attraction is the Eilat Diamond Mines Center – an impressive 3,000 square meter center that contains a jewelry factory and a dazzling jewelry store.

The local bluish-green Eilat stone (malachite), found exclusively at King Solomon’s mines in Timna, can be found at the center in addition to other precious stones. 

Visitors to the center are led through the factory, where they can witness the cutting and polishing of the Eilat stones from their raw state to their final state and setting in jewelry.

Kings City, a biblical themed indoor amusement park, is a child friendly attraction in East Lagoon, Eilat. At the park you will find hidden caves, exciting boat rides, and elaborate displays. 

The Cave of Illusions and Wisdom, intended to honor the wisdom of King Solomon, is a collection of over seventy displays of optical illusions, labyrinths, and other interactive challenges.

King Solomon Falls is a boat ride through seven different caves that guides you through King Solomon’s life story, with a glide down the falls at the end of the ride.

The Bible Cave is a journey through King Solomon’s mines, with well known Biblical scenes carved into niches in the walls.