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Safety recommendations for your trip

תאריך: 09/01/2013 14:33   מחבר: 1

Despite what news reports may seem to indicate, travel to and throughout Israel in general is very safe! In fact, crime rates in the country are actually well below those found in most other Western countries and terrorist attacks have practically ceased entirely.

Of course, given Israel's unique security situation and history with terrorist attacks, extra safety precautions are taken in all sectors of society that visitors should be aware of.

Private security guards are usually stationed at the entrances to shopping centers, airports, bus and train stations, restaurants and other facilities.

precautions safety in israel

Security Guards will check the inside of purses and bags of visitors upon entry or the trunks of cars at parking garages. Metal detectors are also more common.

Such precautions are all part of daily life for Israelis and should be no cause for alarm.

Tour company providers also ensure that guards and trained medics are present at all times on guided tours and on buses.

All these precautions mean that Israel takes the potential risks, and the security and safety of its residents and visitors very seriously.

Keep in mind that leaving baggage or packages unattended, even briefly, may lead to a nearby vigilant observer to report the discovery of a suspicious object to police.

Police respond to such reports very seriously, sending squads to investigate the risk and destroy any packages or bags found abandoned, for the risk of a terrorist attack.

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It is also very common to see soldiers and sometimes also civilians carrying firearms in public. Most of these soldiers are just on leave from the army or on their way to their bases. In terms of traditional crime, Israel is very safe and has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Risks are very low for visitors walking around at night, even in the biggest cities like Tel aviv or Jerusalem. Of course one should always take precautions to avoid less populated areas late at night, but mugging and other forms of crime and violence tend to be very rare.    

For those traveling to Israel by plane, risks are very low too. Rest assured that Ben Gurion Airport is one of the world's most heavily secured airports in the world. Security forces include both police officers, airport guards, and Israel Defense Force Soldiers, all operating together to provide a high level ofsafety against any possible threats.