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Entertainment in Tel Aviv

תאריך: 29/07/2012 16:17   מחבר: 1

Tel Aviv offers many forms of cultural entertainment, including art museums, historical museums, galleries, modern dance, theater, independent film, instrumental music, contemporary music, and opera.Tel Aviv Entertainment


The largest art museum in the city is the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which was founded by the legendary mayor of the city, Meir Dizengoff, in the 1930s before the establishment of the state of Israel

Its collections feature some old master European works, but mostly comprise of 19th, 20th, and 21st century paintings and sculptures.

The Eretz Israel Museum, in the northern part of the city, is more multi-disciplinary in its approach and showcases historical and cultural exhibitions through archaeology, ethnography, folklore, Judaica, cultural history, and crafts.

The museum grounds surround an ancient mound rich with archaeological finds.

Smaller museums scattered throughout the city include Independence Hall, the Bialik House, the Rubin Museum, the Nachum Gutman Museum, Beth Hatefutsoth (the Diaspora Museum), the Palmach Museum, and the Etzel Museum. 

Contemporary art galleries are also dispersed all over Tel Aviv, with several located on Gordon Street.

Dance and Theatre

Modern dance performances can be seen regularly at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Neve Tsedek, which is devoted to encouraging the development of contemporary Israeli dance. 

Dance companies that perform often at the Suzanne Dellal Center are the Batsheva Dance Company and Bat Dor. Another popular dance company is Mayumana, which combines creative percussion with dance and performs in Jaffa.  

Theatrical performances can be seen at several theaters in the city, but the central theatrical venue is the Cameri Theater.

The Tel Aviv Cinematheque screens various independent films, classical movies, art films, and Israeli films on a continual basis, and also hosts several film festivals throughout the year.  


Live instrumental music can be enjoyed year round in Tel Aviv, with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra performing regularly at the Mann Auditorium in the city center.

The Felicjia Blumenthal Music Center and Library is a smaller music venue, and also offers regular live music performances.

The Israeli Opera is also located in Tel Aviv  - adjacent to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art - and features classic opera performances.