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Introducing Tel Aviv

תאריך: 09/01/2013 13:56   מחבר: 1

Located right on the Mediterranean coast and in the center of the country, Tel Aviv is Israel’s energetic cultural capital. Whereas Jerusalem is Israel’s religious Introducing Tel Avivcenter, Tel Aviv is the country’s secular, cultural metropolis.

Local Tel Aviv residents often brag about the superiority of their city as compared with Jerusalem.


Transportation to Tel Aviv is very simple, as it is a main transportation hub for the entire country. 

Ben Gurion International Airport is a short 20 minute drive from the city, and the Dov Hoz Airport located just north of the city offers domestic flights to Eilat and northern Israel (the Galilee and Golan Heights). 

Tel Aviv can also be reached easily by bus as many buses from other Israeli cities travel to Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station. 

Alternatively, Tel Aviv can be comfortably reached by train since three separate train stations are located within the city.  


Due to its great tourist appeal, Tel Aviv houses many hotels and offers a wide range of accommodations. 

On the more economical end of the accommodations scale there are simple youth hostels that are popular among backpackers, generally scattered along the coastline but not directly on the beach. 

There are also internationally known hotel chains, such as the Hilton, Carlton, and Sheraton, which tend to be located along the beach and offer beautiful views of sunset over the Mediterranean. 

Small, luxury boutique hotels have also begun sprouting in Tel Aviv over recent years, two examples of which are Hotel Montefiore in the city center and Nina Café Suites Hotel in the historical district of Neve Tsedek.

Watch to learn why Tel Aviv was voted 3rd best city in the world



Tel Aviv is home to one of the largest universities in the country – Tel Aviv University.  Its campus sits at the northern edge of the city, and attracts students in a variety of disciplines.

Tourists in Tel Aviv can enjoy walking tours of the historic Bauhaus architecture, experience the vibrant Carmel Market and biweekly arts and crafts pedestrian market - Nahalat Binyamin and dine at some of the finest restaurants in the country.

You can also encounter the active Tel Aviv nightlife; visit museums devoted to history, culture and the arts, shop at the boutiques of some of Israel’s up-and-coming fashion designers, watch theater, dance, and opera performances, or just take walks on the beach.