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Attractions in the Dead Sea

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Spending time at the Dead sea is not just about carefree sunbathing, floating effortlessly in the water, or getting special spa treatments. The Dead Sea region has great significance in Israel and jewish, and it is also a good place to enjoy adventurous jeep trips into the desert.

An important archaeological site

The Qumran National Park (called “Khirbet Qumran” in Hebrew), located on a plateau on the northwestern part of the Dead Sea, is an important archaeological site Attractions in the Dead Seaand a great attraction as it's also the location where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. 

While it contains archaeological remains from a range of time periods, including as early as Iron Age II and the Hellenistic period, The most important findings at the site are considered to be those from the end of the Second Temple period and the Bar Kochkva rebellion period. 

A central building, probably used by the Romans and the Bar Kochkva rebels, has been excavated at the site and it contains a tower, eating room, a room containing ceramic vessels, and a writing room.

Flour mills, a stable, and workshops have also been unearthed.

Most importantly, though, Qumran is the site where Bedouin shepherds accidentally found the famous Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947. According to the story, a Bedouin shepherd went into one of the caves in Qumran to find a stray goat and found hidden clay pots.

One of these pots contained manuscripts on parchment scrolls, and after the initial discovery was made archaeologists went on to discover over 700 additional manuscripts in the area. 

Some of the scrolls can now be seen in a special building devoted exclusively to them at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, called the Shrine of the Book. The scrolls are dated to the period of the Second Temple.  

Family attractions in the Dead Sea

The Beit Hasofer Museum (or “House of the Scribe” in English) is a kid-friendly museum in nearby Kibbutz Almog that displays the story of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.The museum screens an audio-visual show about the history of the area and exhibits high quality replicas of the scrolls themselves.