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Entertainment in Jerusalem

תאריך: 09/01/2013 14:00   מחבר: 1

Jerusalem is not only an important pilgrimage site, but also a city rich with culture. Listed below are some of Jerusalem’s finest entertainment venues, including the arts, cinema, museums for children, and nightlife;Entertainment in Jerusalem

The Israel Museum: The Israel Museum, with encyclopedic collections that span from antiquity to contemporary art, is the largest cultural institution in the State of Israel.

It has initiated a massive renovation in recent years, which was completed in July 2010.

The Israel Museum has collections that truly appeal to every visitor – children can take advantage of the Youth Wing, history buffs can enjoy observing the original Dead Sea Scrolls in the Shrine of the Book.

Art lovers can walk through the painting galleries or the outside sculpture garden.

The Bible Lands Museum: Located right next to the Israel Museum, this museum is devoted to placing the peoples of cultures mentioned in the Bible within a historical context. 

Typical objects exhibited at the museum are archeological artifacts such as coins, documents, pottery, weapons and idols.

The Jerusalem Cinematheque: Founded in the 1980s and located on Mount Zion, the Jerusalem Cinematheque is home to the Israel Film Archive, which includes over 20,000 films and a regular screener of films.

The program of the cinematheque includes foreign and specialty films, along with general releases. 

The cinematheque also hosts the Jerusalem Film Festival every July, as well as the annual Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival.  

Bloomfield Science Museum: Suitable for children, this science museum contains mostly interactive exhibits in order to make visits both fun and informative. 

Demonstrations also take place regularly at the museum. Guided tours are available, and it is also very popular among school groups.

Ben Yehuda Street: Located in Jerusalem’s downtown area, this pedestrian street runs from Zion Square - on Jaffa Street - to the intersection of King George and Bezalel Streets.

It is a popular shopping street, as well as a good place to sit in a café and do some people watching.  At night, bars can also be found in this area.