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Shopping Everything From Food To Fashion

תאריך: 09/01/2013 13:55   מחבר: 1

Whether you are looking for souvenirs and antiques in one of Israel's open air markets or perusing the aisles of a high end fashion boutique, shopping options are plentiful and even adventurous in Israel. 

In general prices for common goods are comparable to other Western destinations, although less expensive than Western Europe. And remember, bargain prices and cheap deals can be found in markets if you are a good haggler!

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are the most expensive, with costs getting lowering as you move away from the center of the country.

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Open air markets with unique atmosphere

One of the most unique experiences in Israel is mastering the art of bargaining in one of the country's many open air markets, or shuks in hebrew.

These markets shopingusually have stands full of fresh food - fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and poultry for bargain prices.

Fresh and delicious, these are the best spots for grocery shopping.

Most markets have a special section devoted to spices, where you can get dozens of different varieties in bulk, as well as endless types of nuts and dried fruits. 

Discover Israel's restaurants and cuisine

The hustle and bustle of these markets with hurried shoppers and charismatic merchants yelling, shouting, or even singing their deals, make a mere visit to the market a tourist attraction on its own.

Here is where you feel the true Middle Eastern Spirit of Israel. These markets often have sections with discounted goods like clothing, souvenirs and other items.

The best part of this "balagan" (craziness) is that all prices are negotiable! Shuk HaCarmel is Tel Aviv's main market, located in the city center next to trendy Sheinkin Street, a great area for fashion shopping.

Parallel to Shuk HaCarmel is a paved walking street called Nachalat Binyamin which hosts an arts and crafts market every Tuesday and Friday.

Local artists sell their handcrafted Jewelry, Judaic crafts, furniture, and paintings as street performers provide entertainment. 

In Jerusalem, the Machane Yehuda market, off of Yaffo Street, is the largest and busiest open air market in Israel and has been since 1928. The picturesque cobblestone streets are lined with colorful stalls filled with food and goods.

Cafes, restaurants and boutique specialty shops are tucked within the side streets of this vibrant market, where you can buy handmade soaps, candles, clothing, Judiaca, antiques and more.

The ancient city of Acco has its own memorable market with authentic goods and colorful keepsakes, as well as special foods, sweets, and goods unique to the city's Arab population. Every major city has a market as well.

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