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Sightseeing in Haifa

תאריך: 09/01/2013 14:01   מחבר: 1

Diversity is the name of the game in Haifa and there is something for everyone in this vibrant city, from visiting a 19th century templar colony to bumming around one of the city's sparkling public beaches.Sightseeing in Haifa

If history and culture comes high on the wish list, then visitors can make their way to the picturesque German Colony, located at the foot of the Baha'i Gardens.

The area was founded in 1868 by German members of the Templar Society, who came to Haifa in order to establish a Christian community in the holy land. 

Stroll down the Boulevard

From Ben Guiron Boulevard, the former old main street of the colony, visitors will get unique views of the Baha'i gardens cascading above the city center. The charming street is lined with restored stone houses and their signature red-shingled roofs.

Taking a closer look, visitors will notice that some of the houses still have the names of their original tenants written on the doors.

Today, many of the buildings along Ben Gurion Boulevard house restaurants, cafes and boutiques, and the area is also a hotspot for Haifa nightlife.

During the summer months, from July to October, theater performances and concerts often take place in the early evening hours.

After strolling down the German Colony's historic streets, visitors can make their way to one of Haifa's many popular beaches to cool down in the summer months or enjoy beautiful views of the Mediterranean year round.

Enjoy the Beach

Haifa has been blessed with plenty of beautiful beachside, all especially popular for sports and recreation. In fact, many of Israel's top sailing buffs, windsurfers, divers, and surfers make Haifa their destination.

The beaches host many sailing competitions and sporting events. For divers, underwater archeological sites add to the appeal of local scuba sites. Many surfers note that Bat Galim Beach is unique for its excellent wind and water conditions, making it one of the best beaches for surfing in Israel.

The promenade at Bat Galim beach is also great for a stroll, and visitors can always spend time at one of the many beachside cafes or restaurants with a cool ice coffee, cocktail or seasonal treat – watermelon with salty cheese is a local favorite.

The Carmel and Kiryat Haim Beaches are also known for their great boardwalk areas, lined with restaurants and kiosks. Barbeque areas and event plazas make these beaches popular with swimmers and families in the summer and sunny months.

While serving primarily as an industrial hub for shipping, cargo, fishing, and refineries, Haifa's busy bay and port area has been recently modernized, offering some attractive entertainment options.