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Tel Aviv's Beaches

תאריך: 25/11/2012 11:14   מחבר: 1

Beach culture is an important part of the Tel Aviv experience, and a factor that local residents use to prove that Tel Aviv is better than Jerusalem.

The beach sprawls out along the entire length of the city, and so it is hard to ignore. Tel Aviv's beaches

And just as there are parts of the city that appeal to different people, there are sections of the shoreline that appeal to different populations.

Starting from the north to the south, here’s a list of Tel Aviv’s beaches:

Hof Hatzuk: Though this beach is north of Tel Aviv’s main urban section and more a part of Ramat Aviv, it is still a part of Tel Aviv proper. 

This is the only Tel Aviv beach that requires a paid entrance fee during the summer months, but as a result the facilities are better maintained and the beach is cleaner.

Tel Baruch Beach: Located just south of Hof Hatzuk, Tel Baruch is also slightly distant from the urban part of Tel Aviv.

The advantage of Tel Baruch’s distance is that it feels more natural and well kept.There is also a great deal of parking available. This is more of a family oriented beach.

Metzitzim Beach: Formerly called the Sheraton Beach - because the Sheraton Hotel was located there - this beach is now nicknamed the Metzitzim (or “peeping”) beach after an Israeli cult classic film, Metzitzim.The beach has a beach bar and a children’s playground.

The Separated Beach: Catering to the orthodox religious population, this separated beach has days designated for men only and days designated for women only. On Saturdays the beach is open to everyone, though, since the religious do not go to the beach on Saturdays.

Atzmaut Beach: Situated right under the Atzmaut park, this beach is popular among dog walkers, as it's the only beach where dogs are allow to run free.

Hilton Beach: Right next to the Hilton hotel, the waters at this beach have fewer waves making it more suitable for swimming.

Gordon Beach: Very popular among tourists due to its centrality on the Tel Aviv shoreline, this beach is pleasant and clean, but usually overcrowded.

Frishman Beach: Also a popular beach, people go to this beach to get some sun or to get a pleasant late breakfast near the beach at one of the many nearby cafes.