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Israel Travel Guide - Online information & Tips

Israel is a country where history and holiness reside next to fabulous nightlife and culinary attractions.

By providing you with the most recent, relevant information regarding major touristic attractions in Israel, our website can assist you in constructing your dream tour in Israel, a trip that will fit both your needs and your wishes.

Whether you are planning a trip for the whole family, a couples retreat or a place in which to experience nightlife, Israel is the location for you.

Our website has gathered all the information you will need: general information regarding historical and religious events; touristic attractions; nightlife; hotels; transportation etc.

you can plan ahead your visit in the old market in Jerusalem at noon, and pick a view at the sunset on the beach in Tel Aviv by evening, only by using a few small clicks. Israel is a versatile country, where the scenery changes from region to region.

Not only you can visit both the sea and the desert, but you can also find the high edge sophistication of technology and Western culture alongside tradition and simplicity.

You may travel in the comfort of our national train system, or find yourself riding a camel. Everything is available, nothing is impossible. All you need to do is choose the nature of your trip, and different solutions will be offered immediately.

Tourists can enjoy a trip that combines history and nature. By visiting the locations that are mentioned in the Bible, suddenly all the old stories come to life.
We recommend to spice things up by taking Jeep tours, water attractions and hikes, with an experienced tour guide.

Another popular theme is culture. Israel has an abundance of artists that are filling up museums and galleries all over the country. By following the trail of culture, one can be impressed with the differences between the art in Tel Aviv and the art up north, examine the art of sub culture groups in Israel, and enjoy all the wonderful vivid colors that form this unique artistic pattern.

And finally, if the good life is what you are after, then the opportunities are there in abundance. Visit Tel Aviv for beautiful shops, beaches and high class restaurants that serve the best variations of international foods.

In the south, Eilat is waiting for you to bathe in the red sea and simply feel the freedom. Whatever trip seems to be your kind, touring Israel is the best option.